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A FASCINATING glimpse back into old Poole has been given a modern twist by documentary film maker Roger Hopkins.

I considered the Olympus OM3, but it was again too expensive, very rare so I considered the OM4Ti – but I have always looked upon the OM4Ti’s looks with a bit of disdain as the obvious electronic look to it isn’t as pleasing as the mechanical lines of the OM1/2/3 range and besides, I’d had a Olympus OM2n before and wanted something different. Contax wasn’t quite the pre-War Contax of yore, but Kyocera/Yashica owned and Japanese built, sure they had the Contax German brand name, and the Carl Zeiss lenses – but then again so is the present day Zeiss Ikon – Cosina made but German branded.

“My Dad was a photographer and one afternoon I borrowed his twin lens reflex camera to take the picture from the top of a giant industrial grain silo with a stunning view over Poole town centre,” he recalled.

The 1963 shot shows how the town was before its heart was redeveloped.

This is a good news since EVF has been one of the week aspects of mirrorless cameras (at least for me).

The new EVF promises to be even better than the one in the k Leica SL (4.4 million dots and 1,470,000 pixels) which is the best EVF I have ever seen in a mirrorless camera.

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