Dating small talk topics

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Dating small talk topics

Not that I would insist we talk only about heartfelt subjects; ideally, there would also be plenty of flirtatious joking and witty banter.

I simply wanted to eliminate the dull droning on about facts and figures — whether it’s snowing or raining, how cold it is, what we do for work, how long it takes to get to work, where we went to school — all those things that we think we have to talk about with someone new but that tell us little about who the person really is.

They opened with a discussion about their commutes to the bar.

They both lived within a 10-minute bus ride, and they managed to stretch out this topic for 30 minutes. How could they be destined for anything other than true love? K., so I may have been directing some of my brokenhearted anger at them, but all I could think was that I wanted no part of this game.

Your plan is a great way to filter.”This friend operates his own bizarre filtering system by bringing women coconuts on first dates, claiming that any woman who doesn’t accept the coconut isn’t marriage material. One of the common questions I find myself asking a woman on a first date is where she has traveled.

Next up, the weather: In Boston it rains sometimes, and they had both noticed this. If being single meant having to partake in this kind of conversation, I’d rather pass.

How could I go from the deep connection I had with Alejandra to discussing bus schedules and weather patterns?

When my relationship unraveled nearly two years ago, I decided to suspend my career as an actuary in Boston and take a long vacation in Costa Rica, where I planned to learn how to surf and do yoga.

Yes, it was the most clichéd response possible for a heartbroken 32-year-old Westerner like me.

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After a while, though, it becomes natural to skip the facts and instead seek out our deepest thoughts and feelings. On the first night away, I found myself engaging in one of those dull work conversations people use to fill the time. I remembered the dusty hitchhiker in Costa Rica, the dates and the meaningful connections I’d made by escaping small talk.

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