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Dating surprise no teeth story

It’s just that, sometimes, it totally highjacks a situation. I was in labor with my daughter and the nurses were going over my medical history. I ended up giving them the whole backstory, just trying to be polite.

It got to the point that they asked about previous surgeries, to which, I mentioned I had dental surgery. It threw everything they/we were doing through a loop.

A common concern among many denture wearers is: How will my dentures affect my dating life? I mean, the real-estate that your dentures take up happens to be in a pretty intimate location.

Some just aren’t eager to get into the “denture dialogue” before they’ve even gotten to know the potential mate.

It may seem insignificant to you, but it could really make the other party feel betrayed in a sense.

But during the fun stages, there’s no real reason to have to state up front that you are a denture wearer unless you feel compelled to.

Most will probably not be able to tell that you wear dentures and if they can, there’s a strong possibility that they wouldn’t utter a word about it.

Kissing and being intimate should not be affected unless your dentures are loose.

When you buy a new car, do you not suddenly begin to notice all of the other cars like yours on the road?

You can laugh and be confident without feeling that you have to let them in on your dental history.

But over time, as the two of you become closer, I would hope you build a relationship on mutual trust and understanding.

No, that doesn’t mean they will be able to identify your dentures… it just means that they may know you are acting weird about something.

Whether or not you disclose your dental status is your business.

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If they ask you about it, they risk looking sort of nutty. Consider it courtesy that they are not wasting your time. Your dentures aren’t going to “hurt” anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about. If you appear to be self-conscious, that is the vibe you are going to let off.

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