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A happy addition for me is to attend the Hebrew study group every week with Sr.Cecile Faget and Oblate Clarice Peninger, under the direction of Dr. To say that I am very grateful to the SSMNs is an understatement.I went to the diocese to get some help and direction on what needed to be done. She suggested I go and take some pastoral classes at the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio and that the Sisters of St. So I did that for several summers and got a Certificate in Hispanic Pastoral Service, 1993.During these years the Sisters were there to help me with their advice, prayers and support. Mary Merdian came to the rescue by tutoring me in algebra, and encouraged me to continue working on my education. Later I got laid off from the Diocese of Fort Worth, and Sr. John Begnaud (may she rest in peace) also asked me to help her at the federal prison in the Life Connections Program as a mentor to the inmates. However, I said yes and I still really enjoy working with the ladies. Yolanda Cruz was selected to be the vocation director and she asked me if I would help her start a blog in 2009. Mary Frances Serafino if I would like to become an Associate of the SSMN, so again I said yes.As I continue the journey through life, I am constantly seeking to grow in my relationship with God.

When I was a junior in high school I had the opportunity to go with a Sister and some other young women to teach religious education classes after school once a week in a very poor area of town.The living out of my religious vocation in different parts of the world has given me an awareness of the reality of our brothers and sisters in the underdeveloped areas.Their presence in my heart and life make me hear a continuous call to live in solidarity with them, their hopes and needs and a call to be a bridge-builder between cultures and peoples. Gabriela Martinez — bright eyes, charming smile, embracing me. John Begnaud (may she rest in peace) volunteered me to “Come and see… Cecile Faget showed me the way to “where the Oblates lived,” and I became an Oblate of SSMN. Gabriela Martinez asked me to “come and see where the Hispanic community in Arlington lived,” and I am still there. Joseph Parish in Arlington where I help with the bulletin in Spanish and with the Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the Sunday Spanish Mass.I would have loved to marry, to have a family and raise them as good Christians, yet also felt the call to perhaps follow the call to religious life.It was only after a year of college that I decided to enter the Sisters of Saint Mary.

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