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In 1977, Dey began doing some substantial roles not only in TV, but also in movies. She played the Deputy District Attorney, Grace Van Owen.Her character was loved so much, that Owen was made judge in the later seasons.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

When Susan Dey was offered the role of Laurie Partridge, she was 17 and already working as a model.In her new memoir, Shirley Jones takes readers behind the scenes of the wholesome series, revealing endearing—and shocking—details about the show’s four-year run.“I was sad to see the show end.If it hadn’t been canceled, I would have been happy to carry on playing Shirley Partridge for another four years,” Jones, 79, writes in the book.“For me and all the rest of the cast, this was the end of an era.”Below, see seven of the biggest revelations from Jones’s days on was a much easier decision.“I had no doubts at all about playing Shirley Partridge,” Jones writes.

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The Royals singer took to her Instagram story to share a series of videos and photos remembering the teen heartthrob and star of the hit 1970s sit-com The Partridge Family, who died on Tuesday.

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  1. A couple of months ago I did a write up on TW-actors and TW-actresses, which was relatively easy to do since there just aren’t that many of them occupying the perch as certifiable leads.