Define accommodating resistance

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In a study by Jones and Rutherford, quadriceps strength, cross sectional area and radiological density were analyzed during 12 weeks of either isometric (static) or isotonic strength training.

The findings showed substantial increases in quadriceps force as a result of both forms of training; however isometric training showed the most notable increase -- a 35% increase.

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This selected weight is often inadequate to fully exercise the muscles through the portion of the range of motion where they are strongest.

Free weights are also disadvantageous for exercises performed at high speeds because they develop their own inertia and fail to provide adequate resistance.

In other words, the muscle does not shorten or lengthen but remains in a fixed position.

Other modalities include; variable resistance training which often uses cables or cams on machines to alter the mechanical advantage and add variability, isokinetic training which involves a controlled velocity with varying resistance and finally closed linked exercise which relies on body weight and eccentric and concentric muscle actions.

The amount of the weights used is therefore often determined by the maximum safe load that can be used through the portion of the range of the motion where the muscles are weakest.In practice, submaximal isometric exercises are used in strength development in rehabilitation following acute injuries or post operative periods.This type of training is also effective and appropriate for healthy individuals in the early phase of strengthening programs.Other risks at the muscular level include perhaps tearing or straining muscle fibers in an attempt to maintain the contraction for a prolonged period.Isometric exercises can be performed with submaximal and maximal muscle action.

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