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Or you can contact one of the hotels/hostels/B&Bs and if you’ve booked a room, they’ll get you into the gate.The inside of Cerro Azul looks a lot like the outside, only it’s cleaner.We moved to Panama with the intention of living a different lifestyle from what we were living back in the States.We’re still a young family, trying to figure out where we’re going to settle down, and a constant challenge for me has been the debate over whether to stay in Panama City (where Marlene wants to remain) or move out to the interior of the country (where I believe I’d be happier).So far, the closest thing to a happy medium seems to be Cerro Azul.This is a mountain town, or really I guess it’s a mountain gated community, that’s only about a 45-minute drive away from Panama City.

Office Manager: Delia Esquivel Office of Admissions: Ana Oca, Aracely Gonzalez, and Delia Esquivel Counseling/Advising: Brenda Hoffman Financial Aid: Janelle (Terry) Fernandez and Maria Villarreal Student Life Coordinator: Claudia V.It’s so close that I’d actually consider it part of Panama City.This is a place where I can easily see owning a home and basing my writing studio, with 360-degrees of fabulous views. To get there you just hop on the Corredor Sur, in the direction of the Tocumen Airport, and keep going until the corredor ends.Farms and factories are seen on both sides of the road, along with living facilities.We found out from a resident of the area that what usually goes on is the Melo company hires people from all over the country and gives them free room and board as part of their employment package.

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This time I got lucky and drove right through, but make sure you have your paperwork or ID ready if you’re planning a trip up the mountain. Along the way you’ll pass amazing views of Panama City from above and many small towns, with mini-supermarkets, little fondas or restaurants, and even a church or two.

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