Diabteic dating sites

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Diabteic dating sites

When you do meet someone you’d like to see again do you wait for a call or do you ask them out? It needs careful management and constant attention.

So until Matt ended up at my poker table, I was extremely misinformed. The first thing I learned is that when a diabetic goes without insulin, his blood sugar rises, which isn’t good, but he won’t drop dead in hours.I, on the other hand, tore into him: “How could you do that to me? So if he’s able to fall asleep at night, I should be able to, too.Suddenly, I felt more like an overprotective Mom than a girlfriend.I found a diner nearby and pleaded with the waitress: “My boyfriend is diabetic and he needs soda and I have no money and please help me! I thanked her and sort of half ran, half hobbled back to Matt, trying not to spill the precious sugary soda. In superhero mode, I felt invigorated being able to help Matt.But walking to the car with a frighteningly pale Matt, I thought, this is emotionally draining and scary—and I did have to wonder, am I really up for the challenge of dealing with his medical condition day in and day out?

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