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Double your dating catalogue

Both the IDS and the WDS cover the entire sky, and the WDS is intended to contain all known visual double stars for which at least one differential measure has been published. RA The right ascension in the specified equinox; J2000 positions were given in the original USNO version of this catalog.

The WDS is continually updated as published data become available. The positions that are given represent the WDS authors' best estimates of these values.

Also notice that the precise coordinates will be for the primary of the subsystem.

For example, in the case of a system made up of A-BC and BC pairs, they will both have the same ten-digit WDS identifier, however, the precise coordinates of the respective entries would be of the A and B components, respectively.

The first time a catalog is generated with a new thumbnail width, performance will be slower, but subsequent builds of the catalog will take advantage of the thumbnail cache.

For more information on calibre’s Catalog feature, see the Mobile Read forum sticky Creating Catalogs - Start here, where you can find information on how to customize the catalog templates, and how to submit a bug report.

Component_ID The component designations, when the object has more than two components. There has been some confusion on the part of observers and students alike, as to how to designate components in multiple systems.Prior to this, two major updates have been published (Worley & Douglass 1984, 1997). Where possible, these are based on the ACRS and PPM data, with proper motion incorporated (indicated by 'C' in the Notes parameter for such an entry).The Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) has seen numerous changes since the last major release of the catalog. Notice that, for many of the entries, accurate positions (0.1 seconds of time in RA, 1 arcsecond in declination) are now provided: the HEASARC has added a parameter called precision_flag that has been given a value of 'H' in such cases. The table schema was last revised in February 2005. This version of the WDS catalog was first created at the HEASARC in March 2002 based on the USNO online version ( and is updated by the HEASARC on a weekly basis.

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Where possible, these are based on the ACRS and PPM data, with proper motion incorporated (indicated by 'C' in the Notes parameter for such an entry).

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