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Trying to schedule meetings is like playing tetris while also battling an arms race simultaneously.

Perhaps the loneliness stems from the fact that you are one in 8.4 million people competing for space and survival.

I don’t want to have a social calendar that is a rotating door of new but fleeting people.

I don’t want to be a virtual friend who keeps tabs on you but just can’t show up.

Loneliness (like depression) crept up on me insidiously, and then it overtook me all at once. My friend Katie asked me if it was New York or my thoughts of New York that was bothering me. Did the stereotypes and cliches of New York start manifesting or did my reality become tainted by my perceptions?

New research* suggests that loneliness is not necessarily the result of poor social skills or lack of social support, but can be caused in part by unusual sensitivity to social cues.

Then he felt connected to my truth because it was one of the bravest things he read.

Loneliness is an especially tricky problem because accepting and declaring our loneliness carries profound stigma.

When I heard these clichés, I rolled my eyes thinking “Psssshhhh, I am going to be better than these stereotypes.” I left San Francisco determined to be different. They were right: leaving New York once a month’s key to maintaining your sanity.You’re never truly physically alone in NY, yet that sense of being mentally and emotionally alone is ever so present.It amazes me how I can say goodbye to someone and then turn around only to find them disappeared into the crowds.New Yorkers carry a full dance card, hoping to add more people onto their wait list.Dating is an ever revolving door of first dates and hookups with a meandering eye for something better.

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