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Posted by / 27-May-2020 13:31

If a project is configured to resolve dependencies from the workspace, these artifacts do not need to be present in your local repository.

Assume that project-a and project-b are both in the same Eclipse workspace, and that project-a depends on project-b.

You will want to change this to the Maven installation you use on the command line. At this point Maven may start to update indexes again, let it.

Update: m2eclipse has been merged into jboss-tools and is now developed as part of that project.The upside is that after manually adding the dependency and saving the , the project’s Maven Dependencies container will be automatically updated to include the new dependency.Figure 7.1, “Manually Adding a Dependency to the Project's POM” shows how I added a dependency for into the query field, m2eclipse queries the repository indexes and even shows a version of the artifact that is currently in my local Maven repository.If the central Maven repository contains a source artifact for a particular project, you can download the source from the repository and expose it to the Eclipse environment.When you are trying to debug a complex issue in Eclipse, nothing can be easier than being able to right click on a third-party dependency and drill into the code in the Eclipse debugger.

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This can be a little icky to setup however, especially if you use an Eclipse prior to version 3.7.