Educational films teenage dating 1950 s healthy rules dating

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Educational films teenage dating 1950 s

In the past, couples spent their dates doing the things in the film. Nick asks Kay to help set up the local Âscavenger sale. I couldnÂt help noticing that the discards of 1950 are todayÂs high-priced collectibles. In another scene, one of the teens casually puts aside what appears to be a Roseville or Mc Coy vase to set out the food.

Now, people like my boyfriend and I spend our dates laughing at the film. - after watching this he asked his father if he ever went to weenie roasts if he was a teenager, and he said yes..tried not to laugh, while he stood there confused) This film is from the same folks who brought us ÂAre You Popular? Well, if whoever bought at that sale is still around, theyÂre in for good news at ÂAntiques Roadshow. As in ÂAre You Popular?

 ÂWhat To Do on a Date is a much less complicated film. Come along with Kay and Mick as they embark on their many dating adventures: setting up for a sale, riding bikes. You may be able to find it in some of the better movie stores.

Nobody will be seated during the compelling sipping pop scene! It is on the video "Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Shorts Vol. I'm sure a number of other videos found in the archives made it onto the MST3K videos as well.

However, we might do well to consider that at least Nick and Kaye are actively involved in doing something with each other and their friends instead of nerds who lamely sit home, watching this on their pc and laughing. A dim wit boy asks a dim wit girl what she really wants to do on a date, (decorating for the Scavenger sale!

) so they go, and the dimwit boy discovers more of what he should do to ask her again for her second date.

Her main concern is not to get a reputation as being a girl who Âparks in cars with boys like poor Ginnie in ÂAre You Popular? These are some of the many unfortunate kids who were were raised in the Coronet living room (and it shows). "What to Do on a Date" was hilariously reviewed on Mystery Science Theater 3000.He finally works up the courage to ask her to the movies (to see Wagon Train), but since she's already seen it, they decide to go to the high school scavenger sale instead. Nick discovers that Kay likes the same things he does (miniature golf, taffy pulls and weenie roasts) and these two social oddballs are well on their way to a meaningful relationship.This Kay is not the same Kay who later starred in More Dates For Kay, for which Nick should be thankful.Now, honestly, how many teenagers do you know who don't know what to do on a date?Amazingly, they found one clueless enough for this film. Also available on Mystery Science Theater 3000, Episode #503: Swamp Diamonds.

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Several are available to view in the Prelinger Archives.