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Without any preceding cause, that is to say, suddenly, without previous knowledge or sentiment, God alone, by virtue of His sovereign dominion, can flood the soul with light and joy.

But if there has been a preceding cause, either the good or the bad angel may be the author of the consolation; this remains to be judged from the consequences.

It is necessary at the outset of this article to distinguish between morality and ethics , terms not seldom employed synonymously.

Morality is antecedent to ethics : it denotes those concrete activities of which ethics is the science.

Curtis Ten Keys to Successful Dating and Marriage Relationships – Hugh. The evil labours to excite concupiscence, the good to intensify love for God.Of course it may happen that a perfectly well-disposed soul suffers from the attacks of the devil deprived of the sustaining consolations of the good angel ; but this is only a temporary trial the passing of which must be awaited in patience and humility. Ignatius also teaches us to distinguish the spirits by their mode of action and by the end they seek.The Sacramento region boasts some of the world’s greatest entertainers and artists, athletes, journalists, entrepreneurs and scientists.Sacramento Walk of Stars honors national and worldwide accomplishments made by those who call or once called the Sacramento region home.

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Ignatius gives two kinds and we must call attention to the fact that in the second category, according to some opinions, he sometimes considers a more delicate discernment of spirits adapted to the extraordinary course of mysticism.