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Empire sex chat

I would love to see ‘your’ Leonidas I seem to have Grant Bowler in ‘Defiance’ in the back of my mind Hi Lindsay Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your stories immensely! I was in a commuter train at the time and those around me made subtle movements to put some extra distance between us like I had the plague or worse. ick Your writing it right up there with my other favorites, and I very rarely do a re-read within a year. A cyborg novel (with Leonidas and a new character) in a couple of months, and then a spinoff series set ten years in the future with Jelena and Thorian (and with visits from other families) in the spring. Alas, perhaps I registered in the wrong place, but the extras did not arrive!Was actually reading last night on my phone (never thought I would go that direction…). Hi Lindsay, Thank you so much for the Fallen Empire series. I just fell in love with each and every character and just wish I had a Lionadis in my life. You are only my second author for whom I have (enthusiastically) broken that pattern. 🙂 Hi Lindsey, I just finished book 8 of Fallen Empires. I did try to sign up for the newsletter with the extra FE stories and still waiting. Laurie Well I finished the 1st book and am completely hooked. The 1st left me feeling confused and distant from the plot line of the book.It also could have been an object lesson for Jelena. I have listened to the first three novels of the Fallen Empire Series and am wondering when the next books will be available in Audible.I have learned that with failing sight listening to books is easier than looking at the print.

Is there anywhere else I can buy the ebook versions? Hi Jeroen, I’ll send you an email about epub copies.I hope you release the total series in Audible soon. Podium Publishing is working on the fourth now, and they do plan to finish out the series.I don’t think I’ve seen a date yet, but Book 4 should definitely be coming this spring. My husband and I have been reading Relic of Sorrows to each other and have finished it. It takes a little longer but we are both enjoying them immensely. I really have gotten into Leonitas and Alisa and can’t wait to read book 3 already in my library, ready to go.Finished End Game and would like to say how much I enjoyed the series and your wit.(wit being a nicer way of saying you are sarcastic) I was hoping that Alisa might have had a chance to claim a trophy ship at the end.

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I have purchased them on Kindle and have tried reading but the words soon run together.