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Species with neritic distributions include the four species of the genus Nyctiphanes.

Krill are crustaceans and have a chitinous exoskeleton made up of three tagmata: the cephalon (head), the pereion (fused to the cephalon to form a cephalothorax), and the pleon.

Krill belong to the large arthropod subphylum, the Crustacea.

The most familiar and largest group of crustaceans, the class Malacostraca, includes the superorder Eucarida comprising the three orders, Euphausiacea (krill), Decapoda (shrimp, prawns, lobsters, crabs), and the planktonic Amphionidacea. The more abundant Euphausiidae contains 10 different genera with a total of 85 species.

Krill are fished commercially in the Southern Ocean and in the waters around Japan.The total global harvest amounts to 150,000–200,000 tonnes annually, most of this from the Scotia Sea.Most of the krill catch is used for aquaculture and aquarium feeds, as bait in sport fishing, or in the pharmaceutical industry.Hot Paris Teen Tube Porn will make your life brighter!This fascinating Free Sex Tube will absorb you will plentiful categories and generous daily updates.

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