F dating je suis retraite

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The suggestions are meant as possible illustrations; broadcasters are encouraged to adopt wording which is likeliest to provide viewers with the most relevant and useful information regarding the programming to which it applies.The program may be viewed, purchased or rented only by persons 13 years of age or older.The series fits perfectly into our schedule as content tailored to the older end of our target audience.In addition, we note that the episode in question mentioned in your complaint does not contain any unduly sexually explicit content or unduly coarse and offensive language that would necessitate airing it after pm under the CBSC codes.

The Régie classifies in this category programs that require a certain level of judgement.

We now target informed female adolescents and young adults.

Furthermore, a 13 icon appeared at the beginning of the program and coming out of every commercial break, in addition to a warning that read: “This program is intended for audiences 13 years and older and this program contains language that might offend some viewers.” In order to appeal to this older audience, in addition to offering series for younger people, VRAK provides a diversity of programming that can include more mature subject matter.

Violence, eroticism, coarse language or horror may be more developed and may constitute a dominant characteristic of the program.

However, it is important that the program allow viewers to discern the meaning that should be attributed to the various characters and their actions, because teenagers are not necessarily prepared to face everything.

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[…] The episode in question does not show any sexual activity and, although it deals with the subject of sex shops, the conversations never describe in detail any sexual activity.