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A legal model often linked to this narrative was introduced by Sweden in 1999, and is widely known as the Nordic model.

This model abolishes prostitution and criminalises the men who buy sex rather than the women who sell it.

But when the discussion shifts towards prostitution, the unanimity evaporates, and a highly polemic discourse takes its place.

Shulamit Almog is an action member of Pros Pol, COST Action IS1209, which seeks to compare and disseminate knowledge about prostitution policies in Europe.

While Israel unflinchingly joined the transnational effort to enforce the anti-sex trafficking regime that became one of the most consensus-driven global projects of the past two decades, the approach toward prostitution in the country is far from settled. In 2012, the country was promoted to a Tier-1 ranking in the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons report, meaning that adequate efforts to address the problem have been made.

Public opinion, government policy and the law courts, cooperating in rare accord, unwaveringly reject sex trafficking.

Not surprisingly, prostitution seems to flourish in Israel, though often hidden from the public eye.

The first-ever government survey into prostitution found that there were around 12,000 people working in prostitution in the country, 95% of them female. But during the last decade, there has been growing demand for legal reform that will adopt a version of the Nordic model.

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