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This is the east side of the house, which was downwind of the westerly wind. Volunteer firefighters clear the roof as a front-As you can see, a TV crew treks across tremendous snow drifts to get some film footage of a C-130 bringing in badly needed men and equipment.

The drifts are so deep that the crew avoids the roof of a car as they walk along.

Nine bodies were found frozen to death during and shortly after the blizzard.

Blizzard or near blizzard conditions prevailed on and off for the next three days, ending around midday on February 1st.

Daily peak Gusts of 51, 52, 58, and 46 mph were recorded from the 29th through the 1st. The federal government issued a declaration of Emergency which allowed their agencies to come in and provide whatever was needed to restore normalcy to the region.

Sadly, 29 deaths were blamed on the storm, many found frozen in their half buried cars during the four day ordeal.

In addition, looting of businesses and stranded cars also took place beginning on the 29th with nearly one hundred arrested. Factories and industries were closed for over a week.

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Fears of a " blaze that would destroy the city developed as eight dwellings caught fire in the blizzard's 70 mph wind gusts.

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