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Freak dating

You need to nip this in the bud by setting boundaries and preventing further abuse.

So, next time you're about to lose your mind over a first date with John from Tinder or Alex from Whatever Bar, read these tips and chill the f*ck out. And, let me tell you, a date is no signifier of an impending relationship. You could easily walk out of drinks or dinner or mini golf and never speak to the person ever again.Apparently, this guy was painful to be around, so she just ... It's just an hour of possibly free drinks where you get to talk about yourself and meet someone new.Worst case scenario, he's a weirdo and you get a funny story for your friends. My friend called me the other night FREAKING OUT about a date she was about to go on. You have got to remember that this is JUST A FIRST DATE. First dates are like that campus tour of college you do with your parents before you even decide where you're going to apply.She had just gotten out of a serious relationship, and this was her first real post-breakup date. They involve absolutely no commitment on your part. I think I'm just not going to waste time for either of us and leave right now.”I remember being appalled when she told me this story. You literally owe the person you are on a first date with nothing.

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