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The music would fit any sort of battle scene from most any blockbuster movie genre; Sci-Fi, Military War, Space Battle...

take your pick :) Hopefully George Lucas will be giving me a call soon I've been using Cakewalk Professional v3.01 for MIDI sequencing and composing since I first bought it back in 1995, and I still use it even today as my primary MIDI sequencer.

Also included is the original "SKY1" sky texture from DOOM's Episode 1: "Knee Deep in the Dead", as well as a demo of your's truly completing the map! ", view the readme, view a layout screenshot of the map... I took the MIDI file "Layla" (that is freely available all over the Internet), and re-sequenced the song in Yamaha XG format, recorded it to an MP3, and uploaded it here: "Layla: Live! Like my own two other songs "Black and White: Live! " (mentioned below), the song is a live rock concert performance sort of thing, with a driving Hard Rock style that the screaming girls in the crowd and the audience in the MP3 seem to like!

Crank up your speakers and rock-out, and cheer along with the crowd if you feel like it :) New!

- November 20, 2010 Coming soon to an MP3 near you...

I composed this piece over the course of the past few nights, the next movement for the next scene in our "blockbuster movie".

which of course, is identical to the first map of the PC game Wolfenstein 3D.

- October 31, 2010 Been "Rockin' in the Backwoods" again!

As an example, one difference is that Twelve Tone Systems (in their "infinite wisdom") removed the EXTREMELY handy "Faders" view from Cakewalk Pro Audio v8.0, and replaced it with another "sliders" sort of feature...

which in my (not so) humble opinion is total garbage (and is NO WHERE near as functional for MIDI editing and sequencing as the "Faders" view in Cakewalk Professional v3.01).

The following DOOM II map is a little something that I threw together back in 1998, and even still today it cannot be uploaded to the id Games Internet Archives (due to it being simply a "copy and paste" job of some of the original id Software DOOM and DOOM II maps).

The map is a "copy and paste" (in verbatim) of the first map of DOOM II (MAP01: "Entryway"), the first map of the original DOOM (D_E1M1: "Hangar"), and the first secret map of DOOM II (MAP31: "Wolfenstein")...

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Again, in my (not so) humble opinion, Twelve Tone Systems completely destroyed the basic (as well as the advanced) MIDI sequencing features in Cakewalk Professional with any of the later and "greater" versions of the program.

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