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Free naked picture chat sited in south afrika

For my Friend fuchi,man you were tough,hope god the old man is looking after you up there. We could not believe it, in a contact zone and this guy was told to make safe by some corporal from base! I wil never forget the coward that did not fire a single shot!even though the rattles and mrl's served 4 months in angola as part of 32 in ops modula we hardly mentioned. I was actually staring at this guy when he let the round off, and Barnard was hit. A real rambo in base but a real coward when we were in the ambush! The driver saved our lives that day- 30 clicks from Oshigambo!: Six members of 32 Battalion were Killed in Action in a single incident during Ops Modular in Southern Angola. n velletjie hang af en gooi dit in die Angolse stof. Hy gaan terug na sy gesneuwelde makkers en bring hulle een vir een terug. They were from SWA Genni and only had 2 week to go before returning to 911 to train the next intak I would also like to know who this Barnard is, was he the guy that did JL's with me in 1986 at Bossiesspruit near Kroonstad.

As company signal officer I was in transit and detached to this platoon on that fateful rainy night.

I conveyed this information to the platoon commander.

During the night there was heavy rainfall, in order to relieve himself Barrington walked out of the ambush position in a sotherly direction, on his return to his position and in the pouring rain a comrade mistakingly shot him.

This, think is what made people edgy and also whilst trying to sleep,and the moonlight probably clouded over.

However,what angered me then and to this day is the fact that the helicopter or vehicle that fetched him only arrived at about 11 am that morning.

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We also liked it when Steve's family came to visit on a Sunday as he had a lovely sister who we all thought was lekker!! Die veld was bebos maar onder is die hout en dekking verwyder. One of a squad of Parabats from 1 Parachute Battalion, he was flying in a SAAF SA-330C Puma helicopter, # 132, which was transporting men from 1 Parachute Battalion, when the helicopter was shot down by enemy 23 mm AA fire south-east of Cuvelai in Angola, crashing inverted. The Parabats who died that day are commemorated on the Wall of Rememberance at 1 Parachute Battalion in Bloemfontein.