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It also includes experts and entrepreneurs who have an idea they want researched and written.If you are just starting out, though, do not expect to land a book ghostwriting deal. You fill out your profile — choosing between wispy, airy, ethereal and other types of builds, among other traits – and if you hit the Submit button as a human, it’ll inform you that you’re not a ghost. Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’re dead on the inside, too. Once you’re signed up – assuming you’re a ghost, of course – you can search for other ghosts based on their sex, age and how they died (horribly, mysteriously, tragically or suddenly). I’m assuming it works a lot differently once you’re actually dead. Need a ghost writer to create blog posts or articles on your behalf?Maybe you are launching a new website and you need someone to write compelling copy for its pages.

A couple of ways to locate writing jobs in Public Relations are: Ghostwriters in this field have several options for work.

Often, the workload is problematic for firms to complete in-house.

A few places to find this type of employment include: Even though many companies keep a PR or marketing person on hand to handle much of the writing for brochures, content requirements have expanded with social media.

Ghostwriting involves writing on behalf of a client without expecting credit or acknowledgment for doing the work.

When you work as a ghost writer, you won't get a byline.

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Firms now find themselves needing to create content for blogs, white papers, and social media interaction.