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Keep in mind that in the case of Friend Finder, the hack also exposed information from millions of deactivated accounts.

So, even if you created then deleted an account in the past with an old email address, your information is still at risk.

In addition to following one-time steps suggested there, regularly publish high-quality and engaging content.

But great content that no one reads won’t help you.

Think about it, no matter what search engine you use, each page has at least 10 results.

Once you’ve secured your domain, it’s time to get to work on designing your actual site.Make a point to include links and buttons to your social media profiles, and other ways for visitors to connect with you.We suggest In addition to creating an impressive website about yourself, you have to create high-quality social media accounts.Whether it’s an up and coming star who shares your name or another security breach exposing your personal information – you need to know about it.Set up a If you just found out that you are one of the hundreds of millions of users whose information was exposed in this hack, then set aside some time to update your current security measures.

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So run old email addresses that may be connected to a “deleted” account through this website too.

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