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Hinduism dating

The Hindu devotee, while he will generally have one particular form of god - his or her ishta deva, or chosen deity - on whom his devotion centers, moves easily between one god and another. Krishna and Rama are not strictly speaking gods, but avatars, 'descents' - human incarnation of Vishnu - since he is the 'upholder' of the world.This idea is brought forth clearly in the following doctrine of the "Without a form how can God be mediated upon?Since the unenlightened mind hasn't the capacity to perceive these statements as proceeding from the ultimate refinement of consciousness.The purpose of concealing them in part to protect the truth from profanation, and in part also to ensure their endurance during centuries of spiritual darkness.Nineteenth century writers, brought up on Greek sculpture, found this grotesque and inexplicable.

even those who worship other gods (anya-devatah), ancestral deities, elemental powers, if they do so with faith, then their faith is justified, for the Divine accepts every form conceived by the worshipper.Hindus worship the nameless and formless Supreme Reality (Bramh) by various names and forms.These different aspects of one reality are symbolized by the many gods and goddesses of Hinduism.Hinduism is without doubt the most monotheistic religion in the world because it recognized that the Supreme can only be diverse and that he incarnates Himself in many forms - hence the millions of gods in the Hindu pantheon.in the world (and this maybe why they are today the best software programmers of this planet), were able to come-up with this kind of equation: (a) God is in the world; (b) the world is in God; (c) the world is God; (d) God and the world are distinct; (e) God is distinct from the world, but the world is not distinct from God; (f) it is impossible to discern if the world is distinct from God or not...

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If (He is) without any form, where will the mind fix itself?

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