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How do i become less intimidating to guys

I'll admit, I might have been a little less interested in a woman's brains and grit when I was a pubescent teenager.

But now, as a grown man, I’ve come to value things like ambition, responsibility, and even a professional savvy above many of the other more shallow attributes I dreamed of in an ideal match in my youth.

I can't remember ever thinking, “Wow this girl I’m dating is so unsure of herself.

Oh, joy.”That’s also not to say that men are looking for perfect women either—or, more to the point, women who can’t imagine a man contributing anything to their lives.

For some reason he believes you’re out of his league OR is intimidated a little because who knows, maybe you make more money than him or are considered VERY attractive. She probably wouldn’t want to be seen with me anyways.”She tests our confidence… You’re going to meet “nice guys” who will NEVER figure out they’re good enough for you.

Why don’t we reverse what I originally revealed as see what happens: She tugs on our self-esteem… makes us question our experience, strength, or fortitude. If you two end up together it will become a battle to constantly keep his self-esteem up and in the end, you’ll grow frustrated, tired, and risk losing yourself along the way.

On the one hand, it feels kind of weird to even say I’m looking for a successful woman.

Men do seem to be forthcoming about some things they’re looking for (body type, for one), but less so about others.

Many of my friends have married women who are particularly successful in their own right—from doctors to lawyers to businesswomen—and many of my single friends are definitely looking for someone who is confident and can take care of herself. I can see why women might not realize that guys appreciate things like self-sufficiency.

n my article Why Nice Guys Are All Too Intimidated By Beautiful Women a great question was asked… That is, what can a beautiful women actually do about her (accidental) intimidation on a nice guy. If I were to ask you to coddle him you’ll only end up making it worse. She’s only being nice because she wants to just “be friends” or wants something from us and is of course used to getting her way.” Nothing is more hurtful than when a guy externalizes his internal negative assumptions made about beautiful women. Don’t assume you know HIM before you get to know HIM: “Let’s be friends.” “Take me out, buy me nice things, kiss my ass a little and I promise I’ll leave you hanging for some jerk IF and only IF you for once and for all admit you have a dark side Mister Bad Boy.”She can also have the opposite affect by turning our outward negativity inwards…

Assuming you’re a nice woman and not doing it on purpose of course. He’ll eventually feel threatened, emasculated, and become less than a man you would want. If I were to ask you to become less intimidating, who knows, maybe dress down, ugly yourself up 🙂 OR worse yet act as if you’re dumber than him just to make him self “feel” better. Be proactive in the beginning and allow him to take the lead from there: Nothing scares a nice guy more than a woman who seems a little uptight or hides herself because she’s worried the dumb ass in the corner will get the wrong picture. It pisses me off when I hear guys talk this way and I’m positive you’re a little tired of it too. “She’s not talking to us, she must not be interested or even notice we exist. I bet she’s not attracted to us, must be too ugly for her.” Take a measured interest and a passion to connect with guys who always seem to be the male equivalent of a wall flower.

I certainly could not ask you to quit your job just so a nice guy might feel more important than you. She can also have us turning our internal negativity outwards… Step out of your comfort zone and be the first to step up.

There just does not seem to be an easy solution to this problem because: It’s on him, isn’t it? Remember, introducing yourself, saying hello, starting a conversation, is NOT the same as pursuing a guy. You only have to get things started once in a while with certain guys and let them take the next step.

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Furthermore, successful professional women and especially self-sufficient woman can often be mischaracterized by the vices people assume they have (which is pretty sexist and unfair.) Overbearing, controlling, and narcissistic are not exactly buzzwords I’m looking for in a Bumble profile, yet we often pre-judge independent women as such.

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