Internet dating auckland nz are shawn johnson and ryan edwards dating

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In 2003, Sasha established Two’s Company in Auckland, New Zealand, to help singles connect through a high-caliber dating network.

“We’re not internet-based, and we don’t do events,” said Sasha.Two’s Company also employs a number of contractors to work on the company’s Facebook ads, website, database.It’s a relatively small operation, but they get a lot done.“We strictly do good old-fashioned matchmaking.” A majority of Two’s Company members are between 27 and 40 years old.Over the last five years, Sasha told us the membership’s under-35 demographic has grown exponentially, which she attributes to relationship-minded daters getting burnt out on dating sites.

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Say you hit it off with one of your matches and date that person for a year — no worries, whenever you’re single again and ready to meet someone new, Two’s Company will pick up right where you left off in your membership.