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It makes me feel really comfortable because she has done similar things and to know its not as Taboo as I thought.. This has helped me become more comfortable with my body and realize that its beauitful and art.

My sister is my biggest supproter ever since i lost my parents. But hey what a best way to get my foot in the door than to work with FTV!! I am forever greatful for this, it has been amazing!

Since being here i've fell in love with the people and the city, I can't go back home now!

My experience with camming and dancing gave me the direction to do porn.

I've tried fisting before and have always seemed to struggle getting it all the way in but I did it this time and it made me cum so much! Although I love the fisting I think I will hold off on the double ended dildo again unless there's another girl on the other side of it. I'm currently out in LA doing some adult modeling and absolutely adoring it so far!

Before today I didn't have much experience with public nudity & nearly getting caught. And this was before the multiple orgasms & insane sex toys. Now I get to travel to any beach I want and still stop to see my family.

My sister actually works with Hustler and has been in this type of industry since she was 18.

I watched and supported her no matter what and she supports me in the same way.

I spent my middle school years at a preforming arts school with my focus on visual arts. Most of my art is centered around sexy naked chicks or beautiful portrits.

During my time there I won many awards and scholarships because of my art I made. After I gave up my art "career" I started to spend alot of my time hiking and doing yoga.

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I've always been sexually adventurous and open too which helps.

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