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Intimidating students

Have you ever had a student in your ministry who is just flat out intimidating?You might want to just hand over the ministry to this student, because you honestly feel in your heart that they could handle the role as good as you?

He said he reported him because “his tweets offended two of [his] students”. Going to the gun range shouldn't be considered "bad optics" in the first place.

“The recent statement by the Safety & Wellness Committee supporting Donald Trump not only falls outside the scope of the Committee’s mission, it is also a reaction to a matter that should have been dealt with internally and not in a public forum,” they wrote.

“Intimidating actions such as these have no place in SBA, nor in Rutgers Law School.”The statement was signed by several organizations, including the Association of Latin American Law Students, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, LGBTQ Caucus, Muslim Law Students Association, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, National Lawyers Guild, Immigrant Rights Collective, Street Law, and Public Interest Law Students Association.

Low-stakes assignments give students the opportunity to practice writing skills without the stress of high-stakes assignments.

Use low-stakes writing assignments to build the skills and confidence students will need for more heavily weighted assignments, like formal papers, research projects, etc.

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In a separate statement, SBA President John De Luca stressed that SBA members do not have the constitutional power to make political statements on behalf of the entire organization without bringing the matter to a vote, something he said he brought up with Social Equity Committee Chair Omar Rana after his committee issued the unapproved statement.