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Is hunter hayes dating someone

I walked in to see my parents dancing and laughing while my brothers and their girlfriends cheered and clapped for them. I could hear her chatting with someone and I was getting more anxious. "Come on in," I heard her say and the door made a click noise as it shut.

I headed downstairs and I immediately heard a bunch of noise coming from the living room.

Hayes is up for three big Grammy Awards this Sunday: Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Album and one of the most coveted prizes of the night: Best New Artist. And it's going to keep happening so get used to it.

Earlier this week the country crossover star stopped by MTV News for "Live in the Newsroom: Hunter Hayes," where he performed two songs and sat down for an interview. " Hayes said when asked if he's had his heart broken. It's a part of life; you learn from it." The mid-tempo "If You Told Me To" has Hayes singing about doing anything and everything for a special someone, but only if he is asked to do so.

" "All right, all right, break it up you two," Trey chuckled, approaching Chelsea. Mama wouldn't be very happy about that." I smiled. Chelsea, Paige and I bickered all the time and when they were proven wrong, they'd fake all mad, just to get my brothers' attention. I was sitting in the middle of two couples who were speaking sweet words to each other and smooching on one another.

"That's just because I'm a friendly person," I insisted. You're impossible," she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. He pecked her lips, wrapped his arms around her waist and looked at me.

You can talk to anyone, even if you don't know them," Paige said.

Trey and Hunter had been best friends in high school.

"After all, you are the engaged one." "Yes ma'am," he said, looking down. "Well now that you have said your hellos, why don't we sit down for dinner?

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Now she's 19 years old and she's the only one without a... Their girlfriends are the skinny model looking type of girls with hair flowing down their backs. So here I am in a pair of baggy bell bottom jeans that are a bit too big and a tank top with a zipped up sweatshirt over it.