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We just ran [out] of time and we tried very hard to do it", the final design of the torch used a "tried and tested formula" of butane and propane.The progress of the Olympic Torch rapidly gave the lie to the idea that people would not show an interest in the event, or indeed the assertion that certain sections of society might stay away, as local and national media around the country reported, crowds proved to be diverse, overwhelmingly good-natured, unprecedently noisy and appreciative, and above all large.the torch travelled around Greece, arriving at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens on 17 May for the handover ceremony.The UK torch relay lasted 70 days, with 66 evening celebrations.About 8,000 people carried the torch a total distance of about 8,000 miles (12,800 km), starting from Land's End in Cornwall.The route was widely reported as designed in such a way as to ensure that the Torch came within 10 miles of 95% of the UK population.A wide range of people carried the torch around the country, mostly sports men and women, military figures and other local heroes from towns and cities across the UK.

Photographs similarly show crowds up to 10 deep on each side of the road in central Falmouth (Day 1).

on 18 May the aircraft flew as flight BA2012 from Athens to RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall.

The flame was not extinguished during flight, having been classified as a 'ceremonial flame' by the Civil Aviation Authority, but was kept in four Davy lamps secured in a cradle firmly fixed to seats in Row 1. HRH The Princess Royal, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Lord Coe, and David Beckham were among 80 invited guests, along with a group of teenagers: rugby player Dennis Coles from East Ayrshire representing Scotland, hockey player Chloe Brown from Bangor representing Northern Ireland, athlete Sean White from Swansea representing Wales, hockey player Georgia Higgs from Cornwall, and Sakinah Muhammad from Hackney representing London.

As the Relay reached London, the numbers of people turning out were still more exceptional, with much of Oxford Street featuring crowds 13-deep on both sides (on Day 69), that day ended with a 60,000-strong crowd for the evening events in Hyde Park.

While the Police Service gave an estimate for the UK as a whole of some 12 million people lining the route for the Torch, there would seem to be evidence amounting from the individual stretches of the route that suggest that this may ultimately have been an underestimate.

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The triangular shape of torches represented: To realise this award-winning design, TECOSIM (an engineering company) was responsible for the research, engineering and technical development of the torch and associated relay items including the celebration cauldrons.