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Jenny sanford dating

In 2013, voters of the first congressional district sent him to Washington, D. in a special election to fill the seat vacated by U. Further complicating his political calculus, Sanford finds himself in a sort of ideological “no man’s land.” In addition to emerging as one of the most prominent #Never Trumpers in Congress, Sanford is increasingly at odds with the GOP establishment he belatedly embraced during his second stint in Washington.

“He’s fighting a two-front war – against Trump’s populism the GOP establishment,” we noted in this recent article.

Also, Sanford’s always eclectic personal life has reportedly gotten even weirder – leading some of his longtime supporters to worry about his mental health.

What's more surprising is that we still feel bad for her.Having to deal with your former husband's cheating in such a public way must have been awful, Jenny.But to still be dragging him to court five years after you filed for divorce speaks more about you now than him, quite honestly.“Dancing for you and the one who has captured your heart,” wrote one Instragram user.Sanford told The Post and Courier that she has been dating her future husband, Andy Mc Kay, for 15 months.

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) Court documents related to Mark and Jenny Sanford's divorce have focused almost entirely on the complaint filed by Jenny Sanford alleging that her ex-husband had trespassed on her property.

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