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The two men are competing to try to become their unhappily married next-door neighbour Toni's fuck buddy.

We follow them to a party at Toni's, at which Mark fails in his attempt to seduce her while talking to her about the Battle of Stalingrad.

At the party, Mark strikes up a rapport with a sixth-form college student goth, Valerie.At the flat, Jez tells Johnson that Mark is gay and is sexually attracted to Johnson.Mark admits to Johnson that he has feelings for him, but that he is 85% sure that he is straight.When all three go to a bowling alley, Jez brings Toni. She makes a lot of noise so that Tony, who is in another room in the flat, hears them.At the alley, they encounter Sophie as well as Mark's rival, Jeff, who is on a date with her. Toni and Tony are separating, and argue, during her sex with Jez, about which of their possessions he can take with him.

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Jez finds out that his Uncle Ray is terminally ill, and Ray is moved into a hospice.

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  1. Four orphaned youths under the care of Topapa, the village elder, explore and find the Crystal of Wind that grants them a portion of its power and their first set of jobs, instructing them to go forth and restore world balance.