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After rescuing this pony and keeping it for eight months, Kayden continued to work as a stripper in order to pay off her car loans and other debts.

Kayden Kross filmed her first ever sex scenes when she was 21 years old.

Right now we’re still figuring out how these values fit into today’s adult entertainment industry.

So please take a look around, let your libido rise to the occasion, and join us on an explicit adventure”.“Stoya and I have the same general vision regarding how porn should be created, the same feeling that it often is made with a flair for carelessness, and the same feeling that a lot of porn content delivery options are obnoxious,” Kross told AVN. One should be able to see something visually appealing, and purchase specifically the content that one wants to see at any given time. ”.“If you cruise on over to their website, you notice immediately that the feel of the site leans more toward a French arthouse than a typical ad-laden adult production studio…While it is still building toward something, it is pretty clear that they are working toward the kind of content that wishes to be a step apart from what is currently blanketing the internet.

One of Kayden’s most popular mainstream media projects occurred when she starred in a DVD featurette titled “Many, many girls end up with some sort of website that’s a subscription site or something where they are in charge of production for their own stuff or they’re partnered on production,” Kross said.

“Going from performing to behind-the-scenes — production, investment, creating an online business — that’s very, very run of the mill in adult [entertainment]”.“We believe in high quality product, fair prices for the consumer, and fair pay for the people who work for us.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Kayden has Swedish heritage and was raised by her mother in the foothills between Sacramento and Placerville.

What I wanted from a college education was stability and financial security, because during my childhood we had had neither…Growing up, I was constantly aware of my mother’s penny-pinching anxiety: the quiet calculations as she added up the cost of our school supplies, the flashes of anger each time we outgrew clothes.

She would sit my sister and me down and hammer home the importance of education, making us promise we would put a college degree ahead of everything.

At the time Kayden was attending Sacramento State University and working as a house dancer at a strip club in Sacramento.

During her “At 19, I had earned my first associate degree and transferred to Sacramento State.

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During a blog post which she wrote in 2014 titled “My mother thought she had done everything right.

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