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Korean adoptees dating koreans

We’ll cover later how we chose our agency, specifics about the home study, and why we pursued Korea.So for now, let’s just talk about the timeline and process for Korean adoption!Assigned Referrals are the “normal” path, though surprisingly not necessarily the most common (our American agency refers 60% unassigned and 40% assigned).

We waited another 2.5 weeks for the psych evaluation report to come back (March 13), a week for All Blessings to write the Home Study itself (which is insanely fast), and then around a month for the home study to be reviewed by our placement agency for completeness. I’m adding this as a milestone, even though it’s technically part of the home study process.

At least with SWS, there are two “paths” for adoptive families pursuing Korea: Assigned Referrals and Unassigned Referrals.

In other adoption programs, you’ll hear “matched” instead of “received a referral,” but essentially a referral is being matched with your baby!

This is the date you officially start the adoption process!

Some families sign the paperwork and then spend weeks or months figuring out what program they’d like to pursue within a given agency.

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Because the home study window varies so much, it’s easier to visualize the start of the “official wait” this way.