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List of nicknames for dating sites

Some (far removed) descendants of royalty add the preposition and nobility particle "na" (ณ) to geographical names to create surnames, in the same way that members of German noble families use von.

Thus Mongkol Na Songkhla, a minister in the Surayud government, has a name indicating that he is a distant descendant of royalty or nobility in that geographical region (for instance, the surname "Na Chiangmai", belonging to descendants of the rulers of Chiang Mai, which was a vassal state of Siam).

The latter-day Royal Thai General System of Transcription would transcribe it as "Wetchachiwa".

Thai surnames are often long, particularly among Thais of Chinese descent."Khun" pronounced with an even tone should not be confused with rising-tone khun, an obsolete feudal title, or ever replaced with "Khunying", comparable to formal Lady in Western culture, still sometimes awarded.Informal names are awarded at birth and may continue in use to the extent one may have to check the formal registration to find a person's given formal name.The Council of Royal Pandits, predecessor to the Royal Institute of Thailand, was available to assist in deriving palace names, as they were called.For an example, see the background of the Vejjajiva palace name.

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The name of Kasem Sanitwong Na Ayutthaya, another minister, indicates that he is related to the royal family, as it is also tradition for far-removed descendants to add "Na Ayutthaya" after their surnames.