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The Met Office has issued yet another rain warning for today, valid until 10pm, covering the whole of the South where 1.2in (30mm) of rain an hour is likely - while nearly 40 flood alerts are still in place across England.Forecasters said temperatures today are likely to be slightly lower than yesterday, with highs of 75F (24C) in the South and 72F (22C) in the North.But they revealed she has fallen pregnant again and uploaded an image of the baby scan on Instagram (inset).An international study has found 148 regions of the brain that are linked to cognitive ability and could be used to treat dementia.He was out shopping and then playing video games on Saturday evening - so leaving his son alone on a balcony in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

Kirsty Bertarelli, who was schooled in Wales, has been named as the third richest woman in the UK.

In an extraordinary tale of deception, William Baekeland was not a multi-millionaire British aristocrat, but a former grammar school pupil from the West Midlands called Jesse Gordon.

Quiet, unassuming and impeccably dressed in tailored chinos, a white safari hat and jacket, he introduced himself as a British aristocrat and great-grandson of Leo Hendrik Baekeland, the Belgian-born inventor of Bakelite — the precursor to modern plastic.

He somehow ended up dangling off the second balcony before being saved by hero Mamoudou Gassama (left, today, holding his temporary residence permit) who was filmed scaling the side of the building to reach the child (right).

The twist came as the unnamed child's father was threatened with two years in prison.

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