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In episode "If Not Now," Ray's band received an offer to go on a tour.Ray's request for time off was not granted, and he was given an ultimatum by Doctor Weaver: The hospital or the band. After Gallant's death, when a truck he was riding in exploded in Iraq, Ray attempted to become closer to Neela.Barnett's final appearance as a series regular was in the season 13 finale The Honeymoon is Over.After Ray's departure, we learn that Ray has been writing to Neela.He is a talented doctor but has struggled with conflicting commitments to the medical profession and his life as a rock musician.Starting out at County General Hospital, his cowboy personality got him into trouble early on with his superiors especially attending Dr. In season 12, his character became romantically involved with roommate and colleague Neela Rasgotra.

But everybody knows I am a man wearing a woman’s costume, so I concentrated on the emotional storyline of the character.

His feelings for her created tension between the two, because Neela was at the time married to Dr.

Michael Gallant, who was away serving as a doctor in the war in Iraq.

Ray Barnett returns to the ER in the Season 15 episode "Haunted", surprising Neela in a Frankenstein costume during Halloween.

He is in much better spirits and revealed to the staff that he left emergency medicine and now works in the disability physical rehabilitation field, caring for amputees and handicapped patients in a facility in Baton Rouge.

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The two spent the evening at Neela's apartment, and expressed the same strong feelings for each other.

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