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But one might as well be scandalized at the ceremonial usually followed in the launching and christening of a ship.The phrase "baptism of bells" is merely popular and metaphorical. Every Catholic child is aware that the essence of the Sacrament of Baptism consists in the form: "I baptize thee", etc., but no properly authorized ritual for the blessing of the bells is known to have contained any phrase which can be regarded as an equivalent or parody of these words.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

Specimens are still preserved of the bells used in ancient Babylonia and in Egypt, as well as by the Romans and Greeks, while the bell undoubtedly figured no less prominently in such independent civilizations as those of China and Hindustan.

There is consequently no reason why the bells upon the high priest's ephod (Exodus ) should not have been tiny bells of normal shape.

There seems no serious reason to doubt that this was taken from the tomb in the year 552. Gall in Switzerland, one known as the Saufang at Cologne, and another at Noyon in France.

Like most of these bells, it had an official and hereditary custodian (in this case named Mulholland) in whose possession it remained, being handed down for centuries from father to son. The evidence for the extraordinary veneration with which these bells were regarded in Celtic lands is overwhelming.

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Eccl.., IV, xxi), we should have to believe that already in the year 680, the bell () that was rung at Whitby at the passing away of St. But the whole setting of the story implies that Bede regarded the occurrence as miraculous and that the distance might as well as have been thirty miles as thirteen. Seeing that the clearest evidence of the popularity of church bells in Carlovingian times is encountered in regions where the influence of Irish or English missionaries had prevailed, it may perhaps be concluded that this development should be traced to Celtic influence.

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