Mountain bike dating

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Mountain bike dating

They pioneered many key technologies: Unfortunately, their pursuit of high performance has been somewhat at the expense of versatility.For example, to reap the benefits of Hyperglide or Superglide, you need to use one of the specific combinations of sprocket sizes designed to work together.This gets them a lot of bad press, because they are perceived as the Goliath of the industry.They achieved this position because they have the most successful research and development program in the industry.As bicycle brakes have improved in recent years, there has arisen the perception that some front brakes are "too good" as if such a thing was possible.As a result, some manufacturers have taken to adding devices that deliberately sabotage the functionality of the front brake, out of fear that an unskilled rider will take a header as a result of improper use of the front brake.Cable travel is longer than with other Shimano systems.

With the '98 model year, 9-speeds came in and the "600" designation was completely dropped from Ultegra.("ULTimate" "Int EGRity") is the second highest level "road" group.

This was rather a good idea biomechanically, but never caught on.

In practice, the pedal bearings turned out to be underengineered for the loadings they had to deal with. A MTB derailer, cassette and shifter combination introduced in the 2011 model year.

This allowed them to build the bearing into the inside of the pedal thread, eliminating the need for a pedal axle.

The purpose of this was to improve the biomechanics of the pedal by placing the bottom of the foot below the pedal axis.

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The positron system didn't have a return spring; some models used a double cable to pull the derailer back and forth; other models used a single, semi-rigid push-pull cable.

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