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Mutual cyber sex video chat rooms

Infrstructure and other feature detection from satellite imagery.We use deep learning computer vision algorithms to detect infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, and other features, from satellite imagery.Provides personalized recommendations for home improvements that save money on utility bills.Validere makes a handheld device that provides instant testing of liquid products to large industries.

We've built a full stack solution that marries human & machine intelligence.

Tress is a social community for black women's hairstyles.

We are building a social community for black women to discover hairstyle inspiration, find stylists, buy products and discuss their hair needs with an engaged community.

Hogaru provides professional cleaning services to millions of small and medium sized businesses in Latin America.

Differently from marketplaces, we employ directly our cleaners, to retain them for the long term and maintain high quality standards. We make money by brokering insurance to the companies on our platform, and by charging for our more advanced modules (Applicant tracking, Employee performance, etc). Our focus is on gene-modified cell therapy production.

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uses modern technology to radically increase voter turnout.