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Net work dating romania

These materials are to be stored in the Site-23 Archives.Due to the age of the materials and the potential for deterioration, all access to these documents must be approved by the Site-23 Archivist and handled per their instructions.

03/03/2009: A stand of three spruce trees is observed in the southwestern deforested area, the first documented plant life since 1923 event. TO END ALL WARS A presentation by visiting scholar DR.Upon initial patrol after reestablishment of containment, thirteen corpses dressed in uniforms and insignia of the German 4th Panzer Army and twenty-seven corpses in Soviet 22nd Army uniforms are discovered in advanced state of decay.No identifications of personnel are successful, as all identifying documents and insignia had been removed prior to Foundation containment.Security personnel must patrol SCP-186 every two weeks; any anomalous phenomena observed within the security perimeter must be documented and reported to the Research Director.All known primary sources documenting the events of SCP-186 have been secured by the Foundation.

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