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guess i will have to tell him it will be as a freind only??? this was our 4th meet (or date) in 2 days.i was honest and told him i did not want to kiss him. turned out to be a good thing that we spent the time together as i found him to be a really nice question was not for only this date. its a chance that both people have to be willing to acknowledge and someone doesnt want to take that chance then they wont.

it was more to find out what other people do on long distance meetings, as i have met several men who live far away.there must be a better way to do this than i have been poster: yes..i have also traveled to meet far as distance goes, before i ever meet someone who lives far, we have already discussed the possibilities of the chances that if we end up wanting to be together,..about if one of us would be able and willing to eventually the poster who said something about that there should be no chance we dont like each other..sometimes ppl e mail and talk on the phone for quite a while. but it is not until you meet in person that you can really tell. I don't date people outside of an approximate 30-minute travel range. I have this luxury because of the density of the population in which I live.

I would maturely discuss the fact that there may indeed not be great chemistry, and promise to be honest with each other after the first night.If "several times" men have flown/driven great distances and/or undertaken large expense to meet you..I would venture a guess that you're far more of an expert in this area than many of us on POF :) Also, I wonder why you keep agreeing to it (meeting men from far away) , given that it (apparently) has proven uncomfortable in the past?The easy solution to this is....stick to men who live closer, then you can have a regular meet & greet!too many variables.i would call the first night short.maybe lunch or a small dinner but nothing after.start the second day late.

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how have other people here handled first long distance meets?

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