Online dating support group

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Online dating support group

However, Ms Marshall feels the word "scam" underplays the seriousness of the crime she and others have suffered.

More than a dozen people have joined the group, and the first meeting is planned for January 15.

Single mother, pregnant with my second, just ended the relationship with the dad.

All of my friends either live far away or are just unavailable most of the time.

****An important reminder, while Suicidal thoughts and Self Harm may at times be a part of Depression related posts, they CAN be a trigger and we would ask that you share such posts in the Suicide and Self Harm groups separately. I want to die, and finally be done and over with because I am slowly losing myself all over again to that unmerciful dark that I manged to clim... I WANT TO SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS AND CRY AND BE HELD BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE IDK. I broke down, thinking that it was rock bottom of my depression.

*********** *********** Thank you-Team SG I am sad. I am waiting on test results for a diagnosis that I’ve been trying to get for months. I find it difficult to justify my conditions to other. How do I convince my dad to take me back to therapy without threatening? I know I don't "need" it, but I really think it could help a lot. I NEED TO TALK TO MY FRIENDS BUT I KNOW NOW IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME.

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