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'I don't know what more we can need to know before we take decisive action to prevent gun violence.

The time to act is now.'Malloy announced last week that additional information would be released at his request.

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The inventory of the evidence seized from Lanza's home and the car he drove to carry out the massacre provided glimpses into the world of a troubled young man, but it does not answer the question of what could have motivated the attack.

Chief prosecutor Stephen Sedensky confirmed that Lanza killed all 26 victims inside Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle before taking his own life with a Glock 10 mm handgun.

Documents indicate that authorities found Nancy's gun safe open with shotgun shells and numerous boxes of bullets - ruling out any speculation that Lanza had forcibly taken the weapons from his mother.

The seminar was designed for only law enforcement professionals, and sensitive information dealing with the tactical approaches used by first responders to the Sandy Hook shootings was discussed, Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt J. In response to the attack, the NRA called for armed guards to patrol every public school in the country.

The documents were released on the same day that a group of Newtown residents plan a protest at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, less than 3 miles from the school over the NRA's opposition to new gun control laws.

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