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Oonline dating services txt 79

Nebraska is filled with internationally recognized attractions that draw large crowds of people every year, without fail.In 1996, some of the most popular places were Fort Robinson State Park (355,000 visitors), Scotts Bluff National Monument (132,166), Arbor Lodge State Historical Park & Museum (100,000), Carhenge (86,598), Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer (60,002), and Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park (28,446).188), records under the jurisdiction of the Senate (a) prohibited from disclosure by executive order or statute are unavailable for public use in accordance with the applicable executive order or statute; (b) the disclosure of which, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Senate, would not be in the public interest are unavailable for public inspection; (c) relating to the investigation of individuals and containing personal data, personnel records, and records of executive nominations, and not previously made public, are unavailable for public inspection for 50 years after creation; and (d) not otherwise previously made public are unavailable for public inspection for 20 years after creation, except that any committee may, by action of the full committee, prescribe a different time when any of its records under (c) and (d) may be made available for public use. Subject Access Terms: American Relief Administration; Emergency Relief Appropriation Acts.Related Records: Note: Dates cited below are those of the records. Records accompanying bills and resolutions ("Legislative Case Files"), 1901-46 (1,048 ft.). Original electoral votes and certificates of ascertainment, 1789-1969. Records of the Secretary of the Senate, including campaign spending reports, 1912-46; roll call tally sheets, 1947-88; and lobbying reports, 1949-88. 46.5 RECORDS OF COMMITTEES RELATING TO DEFENSE 1816-1988 1,117 lin. Textual Records: Correspondence, reports, hearings, transcripts, claims, petitions and memorials, resolutions, minutes, dockets, legislative and investigative case files, nomination files, and Presidential messages and communications, and other records of the following committees and subcommittees: , PI 59 (1953). 46.6 RECORDS OF COMMITTEES RELATING TO BANKING AND CURRENCY 1913-88 977 lin. Textual Records: Committee papers, petitions, memorials, minutes, correspondence, investigators' reports, legislative case files ("Accompanying Papers"), bills and resolutions, transcripts of public hearings and executive sessions, Presidential messages and communications, nomination files, and other records of the following committees and subcommittees: , PI 75 (1954).

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They are appointed to investigate and report on specific issues. Internal improvement maps, showing canals, railroads, national roads, and harbors in the eastern United States, 1826-35 (244 items). Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States.

46.22.1 Records of select committees, 1789-1921 (1st-66th Congresses) Textual Records: Committee papers, reports, petitions, memorials, bills and resolutions, correspondence, legislative case files, transcripts of hearings and executive sessions, investigative files, and other records of select committees on various subjects, 1789-1921. Subject Access Terms: Epidemic diseases; Harpers Ferry, VA, invasion of; Indian depredations; women's suffrage.

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Subject Access Terms: Alaska, fisheries in; Fairness Doctrine; lighthouses; S. Machine-Readable Records (2 data sets): Legislative and oversight files of the Majority Office of the Governmental Affairs Committee, and of its Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, 1986, with supporting documentation. Subject Access Terms: "Army-Mc Carthy" hearings; communists, investigations of; labor racketeering; Mc Carthy, Joseph R.; Mc Clellan, John L.; organized crime; War Assets Administration.

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