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After the ceremony, Chang returned home with his human bride, his new Barbie bride, and an urn that contained Tsai’s ashes.

Since Chang married Tsai’s spirit, she is considered a member of his family.

This drew criticism from people worried that Aivaz’s event would have a negative impact on the marriage equality movement.

Some held a quiet protest, standing on the outskirts of the ceremony with signs that read, “This is not a gay marriage.” At the time of Aivaz’s wedding, the bill to legalize gay marriage had just been introduced to the state senate.

The law legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington would not be approved and put into effect until the end of that year.

In January 2012, a Seattle woman wed her 107-year-old wife in a ceremony that took place shortly before the elderly bride’s scheduled demise.

Babylonia Aivaz vowed to love and cherish a Seattle warehouse in front of a crowd of 50 onlookers.

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So in 2016, Zheng created a robot, named her Yingying, and married her.

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