Over the road truck driver dating

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As many as 91 percent of the drivers interviewed in those studies drank while on the job; amphetamine use peaked at 82.5 percent, and cocaine use topped out over 8 percent.

A professor at the Institute for Health and Care Research in Amsterdam noted that the figures are troubling, not just for the truck drivers themselves and their industry, but for members of the general public who have to share roads with drug-addled operators of vehicles upwards of 50,000 pounds.

Despite rules on how many miles a driver can log and mandated breaks after the 70-hour mark, many truckers take on extra shifts for the overtime pay.

Pushing themselves beyond their physical abilities, they put their own wellbeing at risk, to say nothing of the wellbeing of the other drivers on the road.

Truck drivers live solitary lives – miles upon miles of endless roads, days turning into nights, just them and their massive vehicles.

Fighting boredom, fatigue, and loneliness, some resort to the company of sex workers; others turn to drugs and alcohol to keep going.

When the effects of the psychoactive stimulants wear off, the drivers could easily fall asleep behind the wheel.Top of Page When Congress proposed drug testing for the trucking industry via hair samples, trucker unions struck back, pointing out that using hair samples to detect drugs was inaccurate and could lead to false positive results.explains that there exists a split within the industry at large on how to improve safety on the roads.As puts it, it’s “almost impossible” for a trucker to even get a sense of how much money they can make; drivers are paid by the mile, not how long they sit behind the wheel.However, drivers are nonetheless expected to cover 125,000 miles every year; that is roughly 2,500 miles a week, which means that a driver will have to be behind the wheel of their truck for 500 miles every day, in a small, noisy cab, sometimes in harsh weather conditions and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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The federal government has taken an interest in the debate; truck accidents accounted for 12 percent of the highway fatalities in 2013, and groups representing driver unions and the trucking industry both sent letters to Congress within the same week in August 2015.