Overall evaluations of carcinogenicity and updating of iarc monographs

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As an illustration, the top 150 companies account for two-thirds of pulp and paper output and only one-third of the industrys employees.

(Figure 72.2 shows such a mill, which produces bleached kraft pulp, thermomechanical pulp and newsprint.

By way of illustration, the section on shiftworking weighs in at 203 pages and covers: the legal regulation of shiftworking; biomarkers of circadian dysregulation; detailed evidence tables on breast, prostate, colon and endometrial cancer; expositions on the pineal gland, melatonin, prolactin, circadian gene functions, and mooted mechanisms of carcinogenicity; intriguing animal experiments (involving, for example, constant light and chronic jet lag in mice) and an overall evaluation of cancer risk. At 804 pages, this technical opus is only for committed readers.

Like the monograph series, it is a state-of-play reference text, rather than a primer for jobbing practitioners.

Note the rail yard and dock for shipping, chip storage area, chip conveyors leading to digester, recovery boiler (tall white building) and effluent clarifying ponds).

Separate converting operations are usually situated close to consumer markets and use market pulp or paper to manufacture bags, paperboards, containers, tissues, wrapping papers, decorative materials, business products and so on.

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Mills are found in more than 100 countries in every region of the world, and directly employ more than 3.5 million people.