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Also don't be afraid to improvise if you have a similar object or you can still play that game with a slight variation. This list of easy birthday party games are great for all ages and you can often add variations to make them work for adults or even younger children.

Keep passing and drawing or guessing until you have your original pad in front of you.Collect the cards and have one person read them aloud one at a time while everyone else tries to guess who wrote what.After setting your camera's self-timer, each player holds the camera at arm's length and points it at themselves very briefly, as if they were taking a selfie, before passing it to the next person. This is a fun and quick around-the-table game that provides you with some hilarious pictures your friends will be begging you Sit in a circle and give everyone a notepad (with plenty of sheets) and a pen.Arrange chairs in a circle, using one fewer chair than the number of players (like musical chairs).Have someone start the game by standing in the center of the circle and saying, "Mail Call for everyone who is wearing red" (or "..a cat," or "..been to Europe," or "," get creative! Then everyone in a chair who has on red must get up and switch chairs with someone else wearing red, with a few caveats: Players can't sit back down in their own chair, or the chairs directly next to it.

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Have everyone write down a funny phrase or notable person (or anything at all) on the second sheet of their notepad, close it, and pass over to the person on their right.

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