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I read that Lloyd's was initially not happy that the vessel was seaworthy, but the design proved in practice to be both seaworthy & a considerable commercial success, so long as the fee computation rules remained. Further most difficult efforts followed & eventually, Reid Wrecking Company completed the task. 31, 1909, Turret Bell was towed to Charlottetown by wrecking tug James Reid. Reid Wrecking Co., of Sarnia, Ontario, took over ownership in 1907 (not 1909?

176 (or maybe 177) 'turret ships' (one authoritative site says 184) were built by Doxford in the years through to 1911.

The Doxford East Yard was located on the North Sands at Palmer's Hill Quay, about where the Glass Centre is now, as was the William Pile yard through 1873. At that date there were five directors, & every one of them was a Doxford! Also as directors were, Robert Pile Doxford, Charles David Doxford, Albert Ernest Doxford & Robert Doxford. The webmaster has spent a large portion of his life creating such documents for public companies in both Canada & the U. The texts must now, & probably then also, be absolutely perfect but, truth be known, the 1906 notice texts are virtually identical to what would be said today, over 100 years later. Development work, suspended for the duration of WW1, resumed in 1919. Doxford of course used it in vessels they themselves constructed, but over a dozen other firms were licensed to also build it. But the name of Robert Pile Doxford on that patent, filed in 1920 & described above. to Vladivostok, Russia, with a general cargo, the vessel was wrecked off Taku Bar, or Tientsin Bar, nr. Shares were sold in the fleet vessels to many parties it would seem, including, of course, Robert Thomas himself. 26, (or 25) 1907, Maelgwyn's ballast shifted, presumably in bad weather. Per 1 (data, New Guinea), 2 (text, 2 images of wreck & links), 3 ('pdf' - many references), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Described as a collier but link 2 indicates that its voyages from U. In 2 days, the vessel slipped off the rocks & sank. In 1895, the vessel sailed from Astoria, Oregon, to Queenstown, Ireland, in 96 days. Hilliard, an apprentice, was granted the prestigious Sea Gallantry Medal for an incident on Nov. On May 4, 1905, the vessel left Junin, Chile, for Rotterdam with 2,600 tons of nitrate of soda. of Liverpool (or maybe, at the time, of Criccieth, in Wales). The vessel was possibly sold, in 1911, to French owners, per a long expired e Bay item, 'F. Some 1886/7 documents may exist at University of Exeter (Henry Parry Collection). Per 1 (history data), 2 (data, Kate Thomas), 3 (extensive data, India & Kate Thomas), 4 & 5 (both images), 6 (1885 ref. (Edward) Jones, shipbuilder, of Owned by 'Kate Thomas Sailing Ship Company', of Liverpool & there registered. Traded between British (mainly Cardiff) & Continental ports & South America with general cargo. 83.8 metres long, perpendicular to perpendicular, speed of ? Built for 'La Compaa Bilbana de Navegain', of Bilbao, Spain, which company named its vessels for months of the year. Piaggio of Genoa) (Ilva is the Latin word for Elba). While en route from Genoa to Barry Roads, Ilva was sunk by submarine UC-69, Oberleutnant zur See Erwin Waner in command, 5 miles from 'Isla Colleira', Spain, (Atlantic coast) on May 4, 1917. Any help you could provide to clarify the above data would be surely welcomed! Porter proceeded to shore but sank within 5 minutes in 45 plus maybe 60 feet of water. of Gibraltar, water was reported to be entering the vessel's auxiliary bunker (No. The pumps were started & the vessel was headed towards land. Per A (e-Bay image, Oracabessa), 1 (Norway-Heritage), 2 (Furness Withy, Carlisle City), 3 (Elders & Fyffes, Oracabessa), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access).

The reorganisation was in progress as ships were continuously being built. A postcard image of that artwork, ex e Bay, can be seen at left. Refrigeration machinery was added to the vessel in 1905. Mc Eacharn), 9 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). The vessel was christened by Miss Mc Ilwraith, daughter of Sir Thomas Mc Ilwraith, ex Premier of Queensland. 29, 1884, the Scottish Line vessel left Glasgow for Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton & Brisbane, all Queensland, with 265 immigrants & a varied cargo that included 5 locomotives. Fire probably due to 'spontaneous combustion' of the cargo. ) that Richardson lost his life as a result of the fire, as did Henry, his 19 year old son. breech loaders & 4 small Armstrong guns in the 'tween decks) & cable vessel (cable-layer), & attained an average speed of 12.8 knots at its trials at Whitley (North Tyneside). Her service at Formosa ended when the island was ceded to the Japanese in 1895. Per A (e-Bay image, Golconda), 1 (extensive data, ship's bell, Golconda, Christies 2006 auction), 2 [British India, Golconda (2)], 3 (data, image link), 4 ('', Golconda sinking, image), 5 (Nulli Secunda engraving ex Engineering Vol. Uner A/B, also of Norrkping, with no change of vessel name. Anyway, the vessel went missing, & is understood to have foundered on Mar. If so, may also have had accommodation for 12 passengers in 1st Class & 1,650 Deck Class. In 1893, the vessel was sold to Donaldson Bros, of Glasgow, Scotland, & renamed Hestia. However the cargo would seem to have been, in fact, most varied & included carpets, fabric, rope, horses, tombstones, 900 tons of iron, Scotch whisky & pickles. 4 of the 5 passengers were young boys from Glasgow tending farm horses. The original five births were scrapped to make room for three births of greater length and breadth. A most interesting item came up for sale via e Bay in late January 2007. A patent specification that has been disbound from a volume of 100 different patents - an original HMSO published item at the time.'Could that have been the principal patent for the Doxford diesel engine? If so, there may well be a family relationship between the Pile & Doxford families? Arron tells me also that William Pile had a younger brother named 'Thomas Hunter Pile' & that Thomas is Arron's great, great grandfather. Thomas & Co.), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Anon Martinelli', of Rio de Janeiro, & renamed Belem. This enabled the firm to build vessels up to 540 feet in length and of 20,000 tons capacity. It was a patent re improvements in and relating to engines. The three bidders presumably know the answer to that question! Arron, thank you so much for that most interesting information.'Doxford Engine Friends Association' have lots more on the general subject. The webmaster has a couple of editions of Lloyd's Registers, ex Google Books, available to him, see left. long, 67.1 metres perpendicular to perpendicular, signal letters JQBF. In 1925, the vessel was sold for the last time, to 'Lloyd National, Martinelli'. I have read that the company became 'Doxford & Sunderland Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Limited' in 1961, following a merger with 'Sunderland Shipbuilding, Dry Docks & Engineering Co. By the 1887/88 edition of Lloyd's, the vessel was owned by 'W. It would seem that William Mc Taggart, of Mc Taggart Tidman & Co., of London, was one of the partners that created 'Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co.' The vessel was engaged on the Australia to Singapore run until 1902 & then on the Australia to Hong Kong & Japan route. India, which suffered major bow damage, did stop at the accident scene. The vessel was given up for lost - it took 48 days to reach Colombo after the shaft sheered. Used to transport Indian indentured labourers to the colonies (5 such trips to Fiji, 1901 thru 1907, listed at 2 with passenger load of each trip indicated). The webmaster has just 2 editions of Lloyd's Registers available to him, ex Google Books, see left. And in early 1899, it would seem, was chartered to Huddart, Parker & Co. It would seem that the vessel ran into a full gale (a terrific cyclone) & possibly also fog. 1900, the vessel left New York bound for Yokohama, Japan, Captain N. Clemens in command, with a cargo of kerosene & a crew of 25. While I provide the best data I can locate, this listing may well contain unintended errors. Could carry 3,700 tons of coal, but intended, perhaps, to carry wheat in bulk. for Petersen, Tate & Co., of Newcastle, which operated through 'Turret Steam Shipping Company Ltd.' In Apl. K., to Louisburg, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, her propeller was damaged by contact with ice floes off St. 'The vessel's insurance did 'not apparently err on the side of inadequacy'. Ltd.' which company was itself the result of the 1954 merger of Sir James Laing and Sons Limited with Joseph L. Ltd.' (Note), manufacturers of switchboards, generators, alternators, electric winches, control & switch gear. Per 1 (Eastern & Australasian), 2 (Burns Philp), 3 (data & image), 4 (Australia & Oriental Line), 5 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). It was sold, in 1904, to 'Burns Philp & Company Limited' ('Philp') & reverted to the Singapore route (via Port Darwin, Java & Thursday Island). The Board of Trade Inquiry (3 bottom), determined that the collision was caused by the default of the India Master (Thomas F. The vessel was sold, in 1908, to 'D/S A/S Kong Frode (Lauritz Kloster)' of Stavanger, Norway. 29, 1909, the vessel ran aground at Lighthouse Reef, British Honduras, (now Belize), while en route from New Orleans, U. A., to Puerto Corts, Honduras (I think that is what link 2 (#16) says). The vessel was requisitioned, in 1915, as a troop transport & in May of 1917 came under the 'Liner Requisition Scheme'. I find the various accounts of what happened to be a little confusing. Per 1 (Donaldson Line, Hestia), 2 (data, painting, Hestia), 3 & 4 (Hestia, wreck detail, including a list of those aboard), 5 & 6 (NY Times articles), 7 (p#1 of a 216 page transcript of the Montreal hearing), 8 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). In 1899, the vessel sailed from New York to Shanghai, China, in 127 days. Per A (e-Bay, builder's model, Sagamore), 1 (ref.), 2 (Wikipedia, whaleback), 3 (whalebacks), 4 (text, & image), 5 (image), 6 (image Sagamore 90% down), 7 (Johnston Line, Sagamore), 8 ('', sinking, Ilva), 9 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). I believe that the vessel was initially owned by 'Belgian American Maritime Co. A.', (or maybe 'Belgian American Maritime Co.' which was restyled 'Belgian American Maritime Co. Strange indeed since the vessel carried 200 unmanifested cases of whisky, the private speculation of the captain. Captain Brady was found to be solely at fault for the loss & his licence was suspended for a year with no recommendation that he be granted a mate's certificate during that period. We thank 'Suzanne' (who requests anonymity) for much of the detail above.

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The flow of steel was improved using flow-line principles & a new steel stockyard was constructed. And in 1909, the vessel was on the Australia, Japan & China service. 1910, the vessel picked up 78 lascars from the wreck of Satara, wrecked on Apl. Much of the above was provided by Mori Flapan, of Sydney, Australia (thanks! The webmaster has a couple of editions of Lloyd's Registers, ex Google Books, available to him, see left. long, schooner rigged, signal letters JPWS, crew of 51 (carrying passengers, I presume). It seems that the crew of 26 had taken to the boats, were not heard from again & all lost their lives. Indeed 7 men from the village of Y Felinheli, Gwynedd, North Wales, were serving aboard Richard Hayward & lost their lives. A 4 masted iron vessel, rigged with double top & topgallant sails. 14, 1918), 3 ('', sinking Kringsjaa, image) 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). She was used to transport disbanded soldiers ex Formosa. Alan Scarth, Curator of Ship Models at 'Merseyside', advises, however, that the Fee Cheu model is not on public display. ) the splendid photographs available at left, both of which are 'Copyright of National Museums Liverpool'. 42, Jul/Dec 1886), 6 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). In the 3rd quarter of 1934, the vessel was broken up at Oskarshamn, Sweden. 21, 1901 in the area between Gabo Island & Ram Head & Point Hicks, both of which points are on the Victoria coast. 5 lifebuoys, & a portion of the hatches, cabin fittings etc., I read, washed ashore on Gabo Island. Per 1 [British India, Fultala (1)], 2 (Wikipedia, Fultala), 3 (clearly involved with Boer War), 4 & 5 (artwork by E. Probably primarily for their Glasgow, to Quebec & Montreal, Canada, service. It is thought that the vessel misidentified a navigation light - regardless, the vessel was off course when, at a.m. 25, 1909, during a heavy north-easterly gale, the vessel ran ashore at Old Proprietor Ledge, off Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island, Bay of Fundy. Rigged with royal sails over double top & topgallant sails. Per 1 (data), 2 (ref., 50% down), 3 (plans available), 4 & 5 (1901 articles re loss), 6 (image, State Library of Victoria), 7 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access).